How to Resign When You Hate Your Job

Resigning from your job is never an easy thing to do at the best of times but somehow it almost seems such a hard decision and thing to do when you hate the job that you are resigning from.

Everyone goes through periods of hating their jobs but before deciding to resign from your position you need to carefully look at what this means. Do you have another job to go to? Is this something that could pass in time? Are you sure you have exhausted all options of being able to like your job?

Top 3 Tips to Leave Your Job Without Burning the Bridges

Quitting from your job is a part of the normal job process so it shouldn't be too complicated for both employer and employee however it would be a very big mistake if we burn the bridges when we leave. There are some golden rules to follow when leaving a job. It doesn't have to be painful especially for employees. A couple of simple steps would prevent us closing the doors forever. Never slam the door, you might want to open it again one day.


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